A web threat is any threat that uses the World Wide Web to facilitate cybercrime. Web threats use multiple types of malware and fraud, all of which utilize HTTP or HTTPS protocols, but may also employ other protocols and components, such as links in email or IM, or malware attachments or on servers that access the Web. Web sites are unfortunately prone to security risks. Web servers by design open a window between your network and the world. The care taken with server maintenance, web application updates and your web site coding will define the size of that window, limit the kind of information that can pass through it and thus establish the degree of web security you will have. Web Filtering and Proxy Web Security can have many uses from analysing the websites users are visiting and protecting against any potential Malware attack through the web usage in order to enforce HR policies, IT policies to restrict access. Web Gateway also takes care of C&C communication Ransomware protection at the web gateway.