Mobile security designates to secure data on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Typically, mobile security is something that enterprises work on to control sensitive information that could be exposed because of its use on various mobile devices. As the use of mobile devices has flourished, securing them has increasingly become an important issue in mobile technology. All smartphones, as computers, are preferred targets of attacks. These attacks exploit weaknesses inherent in smartphones that can come from the communication mode—like Short Message Service (SMS, aka text messaging), Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), wifi, Bluetooth and GSM, the de facto global standard for mobile communications. New malware can quickly turn legions of mobile devices into a botnet that is controlled by hackers without the knowledge of their owners. The first mobile botnet targeting Android devices, dubbed Viking Horde, was revealed just over a year ago. Downloadable applications can present many types of security issues for mobiledevices. Application-based threats generally fit into one or more of the following categories: Malware is software that performs malicious actions while installed on your phone.